Katya Swafford
カティヤ スワフォード

Katya Swafford   カティヤ スワフォード  
When people ask me where I get ideas for my paintings, I usually smile silently. Paintings for me are like mysterious creatures that develop intuitively along the way as part of an unpredictable process. In short, I start with a feeling in my heart, often love and appreciation of a person, or a lovely flower, and then let the feeling express itself in a field of colors and lines that flow through me. Fortunately, I have been living in Kyoto, Japan, for more than 30 years, within a few minutes’ bicycle ride to major museums, which provide a continual source of stimulation and encouragement. Painting, for me, is not a planned project. It is more like giving birth on a bicycle ride full of surprises. And if that ride can bring joy to others, then all the better.” bycycle and Katya

  この絵はどのようにして着想を得たのですか、と尋ねられると普段はただ静かに微笑みます。 私にとって絵は神秘的な生物のようなもので、予想不可能な過程の中で直感的に発展していきます。つまり、私の心の中にある感情、多くの場合は人への愛と感謝であり、また時には美しい花に対する「それ」が私を通じて自らを色彩や線で表現します。幸せなことに、私は京都に30年以上住んでおり、豊かな刺激と活力の源である京都の主要な美術館が自転車で数分の距離にあります。私にとって絵を描くことは予定に基づいたことではなく、未知にあふれる自転車での道すがらに産み落とすようなものです。そして、私のその旅路が人に喜んで頂けるのなら、何よりと考えます。」

Katya Nanzenji Chosoin 


Katya studied painting at California College of Arts and Crafts (1985-1988). She studied cultural anthropology at the University of California Berkeley with a special interest in Chinese and Japanese cultures (1976-1983, M.A). In both cases, free experimentation and exploration of concepts and techniques were encouraged. Becoming a mother, and a grandmother continue to deeply influence her life and her artwork (1982-) ) 。