Katya Swafford
カティヤ スワフォード

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Brighten up Your Life with Artwork by Katya
Let's Keep in Touch

If you would like to correspond with Katya, please use the email address. katyaswafford@gmail.com

If you are in the Kyoto area, Katya would be happy to meet you and show you more of her paintings.

If you are interested in purchasing paintings, or attending exhibitions, please let Katya know by email. She will send price information and invitations.

Katya appreciates your interest in her artwork. If you would like to commission a painting, or introduce her artwork to your community with an exhibition, she will be delighted.

The purpose of this website is to show Katya Swafford's artwork. These are only a few representative samples of many more paintings.

Please enjoy – and tell your friends and family about Katya's paintings.

Thank you.





このサイトではカティヤ スワフォードの代表的な作品を紹介しています。皆様に楽しんでいただき、また、お知り合いの方々にカティヤの絵をご紹介いただけましたら幸いです。

TEL and FAX; 075-752-1190